Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Book Trailers!

Ok, I get bored every now and then (that's code for most of the time) and so I will somtimes get on Windows Movie Maker and just mess around. These are some of the videos that i have created on there.

This is a book trailer that I made based off of a narrative essay we had to write for my English class. I was very excited when i found the music, it was perfect.

This video is a book trailer of a story that I wrote, titled Color.

Well this video will only make sense to the people who have read the Vampire Academy series. If they were to ever make a movie out of those books, this is my dream cast for the movie. (If you havn't read the Vampire Academy series then you really need to!)

A video with Bella and Edward pictures! (Yes, I'm a Twilight freak if you couldn't tell.)

My Taylor Lautner video, I expecially like this one. I thought the songs I picked were great and I mean come on...It's Taylor Lautner, how much better could it get?

Just a collection of pictures that I thought were really cool. Like I said, I get really bored.

This is my New Moon countdown video that I made the weekend before New Moon came out and just a collection of movie stills and such.

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  1. Awesome book trailers and love the updates on your blog. I'm inviting you to join a book challenge that I have posted on the LJHS blog.