Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Book Trailers!

Ok, I get bored every now and then (that's code for most of the time) and so I will somtimes get on Windows Movie Maker and just mess around. These are some of the videos that i have created on there.

This is a book trailer that I made based off of a narrative essay we had to write for my English class. I was very excited when i found the music, it was perfect.

This video is a book trailer of a story that I wrote, titled Color.

Well this video will only make sense to the people who have read the Vampire Academy series. If they were to ever make a movie out of those books, this is my dream cast for the movie. (If you havn't read the Vampire Academy series then you really need to!)

A video with Bella and Edward pictures! (Yes, I'm a Twilight freak if you couldn't tell.)

My Taylor Lautner video, I expecially like this one. I thought the songs I picked were great and I mean come on...It's Taylor Lautner, how much better could it get?

Just a collection of pictures that I thought were really cool. Like I said, I get really bored.

This is my New Moon countdown video that I made the weekend before New Moon came out and just a collection of movie stills and such.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sorry I havn't posted anything in a while, but I have just been so busy with school and keeping my grades up. I promise though that I will get a new book review up...soon. Right now all I'm thinking about is New Moon and how the movie is coming out in 2 DAYS! Yippee!!!!

New Moon 11/20/09 Pictures, Images and Photos
Movie Poster!

new moon Pictures, Images and Photos
New book cover!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just somthing I found!

I found this passage in an older book of mine and I acually used it in one of my classes for an assignment. The assignment was that we had to find a passage out of a book that sparked our interests or kind of spoke to us. I found this in a book called The Little Mermaid and Other Tales.

There were once upon a time three sisters, quite transparent and very beautiful. The robe of the one was red, that of the second blue, and that of the third white. They danced hand in hand beside the calm lake in the clear moonshine. They were not elfin maids, but mortal children. A sweet fragrance filled the air and the maidens vanished in the wood. The frangrance grew stronger. Three coffins(and in them three lovely maidens), glided out of the forest and across the lake. Shining glowworms flew around like floating lights. Do the dancing maidens sleep, or are they dead? The fragrance of the flowers says they are corpses. The evening bell tolls for the dead.

Wild Magic by: Cat Weatherill

The night was full of fluttering wings and sharpening teeth, wagging tails and running feet. The children of Hamelin flew and crawled and wriggled and swam and burrowed and leaped and climbed and ran. Shiny otters. Black-masked badgers. Tumbling squirrels. Scattering rabbits. From a stag to a spider, a mouse to a moth-one by one they were all transformed, and still the Piper played on.
Only when the last creature disappeared did he take the pipe from his lips. Marianna the fox watched him from the shadows. She saw a strange expression on his face: a terrible blend of anger and bitter despair. Then his head fell forward and his shoulders slumped. Surely he wasn't crying?
Marianna continued to watch. Suddenly the Piper straightened himself. He raised his head and Marianna saw there were no tears. His eyes were flashing with excitment at the thought he had clearly just had.
"The other boy!" he cried jubilantly. "Back in the caves! The mayor's son! He's the One!"
And with that the Piper bounded down the mound and disappeared into the night.

pg. 34-35
Wild Magic

Wild Magic is a great book filled with action and fantasy. I loved it and all of it's characters. The whole idea of another world and a boy trying to break this curse that was put upon him just simply fasinates me. The story focuses on the small town of Hamelin, it's children, and it's mysterious Ratcatcher. The town of Hamelin has a bit of a rat problem to the point that they are literally everywhere you step and when a Ratcatcher shows up with his exotic colorful clothes and beautiful pipe, the people of Hamelin are a bit cautious. That all changes though when he starts to play his pipe and leads the rats to their death into the river. Everyone treated him as their hero until he starts to play that pipe again, only this time he has the childrem of Hamelin under his spell. He leads them to the hill outside of town and and opens a magical door to a brand new world. "Piper" is what Marianna, a girl of Hamelin, calls him and the name fits him well. Marianna has the feeling that the Piper is looking for somthing or someone perhaps, but she dosn't know who or what. After the Piper uses deep magic to transform the children of Hamelin into creatures of the forest, Marianna finds out the Piper's dark secret and who he is really after.

I found Wild Magic to be a very exciting and interesting story. I literally could not put it down, I always wanted to know what happened next. The characters were amazing, expecially Jakob, Marianna's crippled little brother. Since he could not keep up with the rest of the children when the Piper led them into the hill he was left behind. He has such a great sense of humor and is very brave no matter what the other people told him. This book was pure fantasy and I loved every word of it! I recommened this book to 10+, its very fun and imaginitive for young kids, but exciting and interesting enough for teens and adults!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Lullaby By: Sarah Dessen

"This lullaby," Dexter sang, "is only a few words . . ."
Oh, my God, I thought.
"A simple run of chords . . ."
I felt a drop in my stomach: he knew how I felt about this. He knew. And still, he kept singing.
"Quite here in this spare room, but you can hear it, hear it . . ."
The crowd was loving it, cheering, some girls along the back row singing along, hands on their hearts, like washed-up divas on the Labor Day telethon.
I looked over at the bar, where Chloe was staring at me, but she didn't have a smug look, instead something even worse. It might have been pity, but I turned my head away before I could know for sure.

This Lullaby
pg. 209

This Lullaby Pictures, Images and Photos

This Lullaby is the story of a teenage girl, Remy, that has just graduated from high school and has made it a goal of her's to make this the most memorable summer before she heads off to college. She thought her summer would only consist of numerous Zip Cokes, and late nights at Bendo and The Spot, but when out of thin air a guy comes crashing into Remy's life...literally, her summer plans change. Not only does Remy have to juggle this new, dorky, muscian, Dexter, that she can't seem to get rid of, but also her mother's new and fifth husband and her older brother, Chris, and his over-controlling new girlfriend. Since, Remy's mother has had a different outlook on love and how to handle it, Remy has adopted that outlook as well. In her mind, love can be figured out by simple math and the calculating of some numbers. She has rules setup for her relationships, but when she can't seem to dump Dexter, she can't figure out why.

This Lullaby was a wonderful book and a serious page-turner. I grew attached to the characters, expecially Dexter's band, Truth Squad, the characters have their serious and heartfelt moments and then they have their hilarious moments that make you laugh out loud. Sarah Dessen displayed the care-free and spontaneous personalities of the young men very well. She expressed the reality of life, no matter how much it's hurts, in the pages of this book. Remy and Dexter's relationship was decribed beautifully and realistically. Dexter, in my opinion, was one of the best characters in the book. He is hilarious, confident, witty, caring, and cute in that dorky kind of way. I highly recommend this book to anyone, but expecially teenage girls and young women.